Jim “Big Country” Drew is a land conservationist at heart.  Having started on his own, Jim lives in Kansas City with his wife and three sons and  owns his own farm in Northern Missouri.  With over 30 years of experience, Jim has educated himself in Farm Management, Land Conservation, Tree Farming, Hunting Camp and Lodge Contracting, as well as his new found passion for Re-claimed wood refurbishing.  His mantra’s are simple and his focus is based around “what he can leave for future generations”.  Through his conservation tactics, Jim prides himself in utilizing what he has around him and educating his family and friends in his simple sophistications.  Some of his major accomplishments include being named Missouri Tree Farmer of the Year by the state of Missouri.  Not only through being a great friend and father, Jim is motivated by helping others reach their dreams of building their own lodge, bringing monetary value to undervalued land, and ultimately leaving a legacy for his sons and friends to be a part of.  Whether you are looking for conservation ideas, projects that involve re-claimed wood, tree farming knowledge, custom furniture, or education in proper farm management, Jim Drew is a person you can trust and looks forward to helping you reach you goals.