Burning Off Warm Season Grasses-Part 2

This past weekend yielded perfect conditions to finish a controlled burn project up at the farm.  This time around there was a field of about 2 acres of warm season grasses that needed needed to be regenerated in order to procure new growth for this upcoming spring season.  Burns like this are extremely important in order to:

  1. Regenerate new growth and clear out scrub brush so native grasses can regenerate to protect Missouri’s natural prairie ecosystem.
  2. Provide sustainable habitat for game birds and deer through offering revitalized areas for food and shelter.
  3. Provides opportunity for new plants to come to life.

Once again, it is critical to understand how fire moves when conducting a burn like this.  Conditions have to be perfect, especially when it comes to wind.  Burns should only be conducted under proper supervision..  You can always contact the Missouri Department of Conservatoin for more information in regards to this.  Hopefully this year all the renewed growth will be perfect for a great turkey and deer season 2015!

Controlled burn on 2 acre field of warm season grasses

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